Play.gripnr FAQ

What is play.gripnr?

GRIPNR is the ultimate 5e TTRPG Platform for Players and Game Masters. We’ve made it easy for you to instantly find other players and a game master. Book a seat at the table with your hero, kick some ass, and win treasure every time you survive the quest. When the adventure is complete, your hero’s conquests are tracked, so you can always pick up where you left off…and don’t forget to equip your hero with all that sweet loot you won from the previous game. 

Do I have to own a Hero to play?

Yes, you will need to have a Hero to play on the GRIPNR platform. Click Buy Heroes in the left-hand nav menu to get your first hero and start playing. Heroes are purchased with a credit card and stored in your GRIPNR wallet along with your starting weapons and armor so you’re ready for gameplay.

What if I’ve never played this type of TTRPG before?

Whether you're a n00b or a seasoned pro, GRIPNR has an adventure waiting for you! Look for #Beginner and #Learn to Play tags on tables in the Hall. Your GM will be there to guide you through it. You can also check out our tutorials to help get you started.

What if I don’t have a group to play with?

That’s exactly what our play platform is designed to solve for! Head to the Hall to find a table and see what other players have joined. Click on their username to learn more about them and get ready for an epic adventure with new friends.

What is a Game Master?

Your Game Master (or “GM”) schedules, organizes, and guides the adventure. They are also responsible for officiating the rules and logging game outcomes that will be recorded on-chain. All of our GRIPNR GMs have been vetted by our lead game designer and have deep knowledge of the Glimmering lore. Learn more about the GM for your table by clicking on their username.

Where are tables played?

All virtual tables are played in Discord voice channels in the GRIPNR server. You’ll need to connect to Discord in your Profile by clicking the ‘+’ button under “Socials” before you can join a table. Once you’ve joined a table, come back to the table details page 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to get the invite link to the private Discord voice channel where your table will be played.

GMs also have the ability to schedule in-person games. You’ll be able to see the location (most likely city, state) on the table details page. Once you join, the GM will reach out with the details.

What kind of technology do I need to play?

If a GM is going to use a Virtual Tabletop (VTT), the name of the VTT (e.g. Roll20) will be listed on the table details page. Once you join the table, the GM will send over the player link to the VTT so you can get all set up before the table starts.

Not interested in using a VTT? Look for tables with the #Theater of the Mind tag.

What’s the difference between Main Plot and Subplot adventures?

Main Plot adventures are written by GRIPNR game designers and lay out the main story arc of The Glimmering campaign. These adventures will create a shared experience for all players no matter which GMs or other players you play with.

Subplot adventures allow GMs to create their own plots within the world of The Glimmering. These adventures will lead to divergent paths and storylines that will delight and surprise the players and create truly unique experiences for each Hero.

How do I know what tables I’m eligible to join?

When you go to join a table you may see a message that says you are not eligible to join. In order to join a table, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your Discord account is connected to your Profile (don't forget to join the GRIPNR server)
  • You have a Glimmering Hero (head to the Buy Heroes page to get one!)
  • That Hero is the same level as the adventure you are trying to play (e.g. Level 1 Heroes can only play in Level 1 adventures)
  • That Hero is not seated at another table. Each Hero may only be seated at one table at a time. Once the table is either completed, canceled, or expired, you may join a new table with that Hero.

How much does it cost to join a table?

The seat price is set by the GM and can be anywhere from $5 - $25. Payments will be made via a credit card at the time of joining a table. You can also join tables with Gameplay Credits - check the Transactions tab in your Profile to see your credits.

What if I’ve signed up for a table but can no longer attend?

You can leave a table at any time before the table starts by going to the table details page and clicking “Leave”. If a player leaves a table more than 24 hours before the scheduled start time, they will not be charged. If a player leaves the table within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, they will be charged the full seat price and will not be eligible for a refund. All refund policies also apply when using Gameplay Credits.

See our Refund Policy for more information.

What happens if my Hero dies during an adventure? 

No need to worry. Your Hero remains safe. In our organized play system any Hero that "dies" during the adventure does not get the treasure and XP from that session. You will need to play the adventure again in order to get the XP required to level up.

How do I collect treasure?

If you survive the adventure, you will see a notification in the play platform once your treasure is ready to collect. Go to the table details page of the adventure you just completed and click the “Collect Treasure” button.

How do I level up my Hero?

To level up your Hero, you’ll need to gain XP by successfully completing Main Plot and Subplot adventures at each level. You can see the XP progress of each of your Heroes in the Heroes tab of your profile. Check out the Adventure Roadmap to learn more about the requirements for leveling up. To reach Level 2 you will need to complete A Dark and Stormy Night, any Level 1 Subplot adventure, and Strange Solstice.

You will see a notification in the play platform once your Hero is eligible to level up. Go to the Heroes tab in your profile and click “Level Up” next to your Hero. 

Can I repeat adventures?

Yes! You can repeat adventures at your Hero’s current level as many times as you want. However, you will only receive treasure and XP the first time you successfully complete the adventure. This means you will only receive treasure for one subplot adventure per level. You will see an alert during the join table process if the Hero has already completed that adventure. Once you level up your Hero, you will not be able to repeat adventures from previous levels.

Can I transfer Heroes that I've purchased on to my own wallet?

Yes you can! Connect your wallet in the Transactions tab of your profile and click 'Transfer' to send all of the Heroes and Treasure in your account to your connected wallet. You must purchase at least one Hero or complete a table before you will be allowed to transfer to your own wallet.

Still have questions?